Longline baskets and leader boxes? how to make them yourself

A longline basket is a round tub with an edge to fasten the hooks, used when the snoods are fastened directly to swivel on the longline. When you use snap-on snoods (with a snap to fasten the snood in a bare /naked line) you store the snoods in a leader box and keep the main line in a tub without rubber edge.

LongLine Baskets


They are bulky and cost a lot of money to transport, and can be made where you are. The standard basket is a hard PVC tub 60cm in diameter and 25 cm high. It will hold up to 1000 meter with 1.4mm line and 200 hooks. We sell those baskets, both for artificial bait and for fresh bait. Hooks with artificial bait is fastened into a hard foam rim and the basket can hold 200 hooks. When you use fresh bait, we prefer to sell a rubber edge with slots for the baited hooks to hang outside the basket. Such basket can hold 150 hooks in slots.


The best tubs for making yourself are from the pots that the greenhouses use for growing trees and large plants. They come in sizes from 50 liter up to 1000 liter and are made of very strong PVC/PP already with holes in the bottom for drainage and two carry handles at the sides. On this tub, you mount a hard foam rod cut in half (the type that the children use on the beach) drilling holes in the side of the tub and fasten the foam rod with straps. If you will use fresh bait, a 0.3-0.5mm thick strip of rubber,10cm high, is glued with super glue to the rim after sanding the PVC and rubber for better grip of the glue. Bolts are mounted each 10-15cm (flat head on the inside to avoid mono hook-up) At last, you use a sharp knife to cut slots in the rubber, 15mm deep and 15mm between each.

Leader Boxes

A leader box is a square box, type garden storage with lid, and galvanized thread rod of 5-6mm diameter on each upper side of the sides of the box. Each tip of the thread rod is closed with a stainless steel nut (round headed) on the outside and a normal nut on the inside. The snoods that can be from 50cm to 15 meter long are basket mounted as follows:

  1. The snap is snapped on the thread rod.
  2. The mono is put into the box.
  3. The hook is placed into its proper snap.
When shooting the line, you snap of an entire leader (the last one you mounted) drop the hook in the sea and snap on the snap to the main line. When hauling, each snap-on snood is placed back into the box.