How to keep the fishing bait over the sea bed

The fishing bait shall be placed where the fish you target swims, on the bottom, mid-water or surface. Baited hooks CAN be on the bottom but only for fish that “grasses” such as flounder and cod. Most likely crabs will finish the bait before the fish comes along. On elevated seabed, rocky bottoms etc. the line can be stretched over the elevations, putting most of the hooks above the sea bed. Artificial lure has to be in free water, they do not fish while on the bottom. On flat bottom it is necessary to use “depth regulators” or “stone / float” that consist of four elements: - a lead ball with hole or a purse seine lead tube, you get those asking the commercial fishermen at the port that fish with seine nets. The lead tubes (sinkers) can be up to 500 gram (more than one lb) each, sufficient for a sinker. Normally 250 gram would do. - 3mm braided Polyethylene thread that is floating, and have a stiff appearance. The thread can be 2-10 meter long depending what you are fishing for. - A float that suits the lead weight, large ring float in PVC that is used for gillnets or a foam float for the small purse seines. The fishermen has always a stock of these, cheap and used will do. - An 80mm snap fixed under the float. The fishing snap is snapped on the line when it goes out.


Have the regulators coiled in a separate bucket, and employ them each 50-75 meter to keep the hooks above the sea bed. When hauling the line, the regulators are snapped off the line and coiled back into their bucket. Of course we can sell you those with your order.